Trademark Graphics started in 1949 as a graphic supplier to the Police and Sheriff industry for squad lettering, striping and star graphics. We have specialized in that industry to offer the best quality at the best price. We have always been on the forefront in offering the latest designs and custom car kits to this industry. Our digital capabilities have allowed us to create our “Digi-Badge”. This allows you to use your existing metal badge recreated as an exact duplicate, then printed on high performance reflective vinyl to apply to the outside of your cruisers. Keeping inline with the clean look of having officers match the vehicles overall appearance.

We have also invented “Ghost Kits” for use with unmarked vehicles. Using the same color reflective material as the squad makes the markings almost undetectable until hit with headlights or a flashlight. Keeping safe when needed but not as obvious as a marked squad.

We are the ONLY company still offering raised detail Gold & Silver Mylar badges as a stock item and will continue to do so. Look at the details on page 3 of our Fleet Vehicle catalog.

Our success in fleet graphics has led us to open into other markets which includes full color banners, signs, commercial fleet graphics, decals and stickers along with promotional and commercial item marking for the ad specialty industries and much more! Please see our 135 page FULL LINE catalog.

So if you need to mark a squad or brand 10,000 widgets we can do it, cost effectively and within your time limits.